Festival de Cine en Toledo: Proyecciones de películas y cortometrajes que abordan la discapacidad intelectual del 20 al 23 de marzo.

Plena Inclusión Castilla-La Mancha, in collaboration with the Social Film Festival (FECISO) and the City of Toledo, is organizing the 9th edition of its Intellectual Disability Film Cycle. The event will take place from March 20 to 23 at the Toledo Art Circle, and will offer three films at 7:30 pm with free admission. Ana Belén Abellán, the Toledo City Councilor for Social Services, emphasized the importance of this initiative in raising awareness about intellectual disability and as a priority objective of the government team.

Daniel Collado, Managing Director of Plena Inclusión Castilla-La Mancha, highlighted that cinema and literature are «the best formula to eliminate the differences that exist between human beings.» He also emphasized the influence that the cycle has had on society, allowing viewers to experience the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, their needs and qualities, and how they can actively contribute to society’s development.

Short films will play a significant role in the event on March 23, where a selection of the best films from recent years will be shown. Tito Cañada, director of the FECISO, emphasized the importance of «daily life» in the realization of this cycle, which seeks to actively include people with disabilities.

The cycle includes high-quality films such as «The Goldfish» by Alireza Golafshan, a German comedy that portrays the world of disability in a varied way, and «Take Me to the Top» by Nils Tavernier, a French film that details a person’s struggle with difficulties in their life. The event will end with the screening of «La consagración de la primavera» by Fernando Franco, a film that was selected before winning the Goya Award for its celebration of human freedom.

In summary, the IX Intellectual Disability Film Cycle is an exceptional opportunity to increase awareness about people with intellectual disabilities and their needs, as well as to promote an inclusive society.

The article «Toledo Film Cycle from March 20 to 23 features three films and short films on intellectual disability» was first published on the Castilla-La Mancha Newspaper website.

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