domingo, 23 junio 2024

Toledo propone transformar conventos y edificios de la Diputación en hogares para personas sin techo.

Diego Gafo, a social worker at Cáritas hostel and member of the citizens’ group list, alongside mayoral candidate Julio Comendador, proposed repurposing vacant convents or abandoned buildings owned by the Provincial Council as temporary housing for the homeless. Comendador criticized the city’s social services for leaving vulnerable individuals in need, delayed appointments, and called for the creation of standby social worker positions to address urgent situations. Gafo elaborated on the plight of the homeless, often treated as societal outcasts, with inadequate resources to provide for themselves. While appreciative of the council’s social workers, Gafo emphasized the need for better management and increased resources to help vulnerable groups. Comendador noted that people seeking assistance are often sent to Cáritas without proper evaluation, complicating already difficult circumstances. The proposal was covered in an entry on Diario de Castilla-la Mancha.



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