martes, 25 junio 2024

El alcalde Tolón se compromete a revitalizar el barrio implementando las 25 medidas de la Mesa del Casco de Toledo.

The mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, has announced proposals to address the needs and challenges of the city’s old town and improve the quality of life for its residents. The measures are part of a catalog of 25 proposals that the government team will pursue to continue the revitalization of the historical center. After consulting with the Historical Center Committee, which was created a year ago, the mayor presented the measures that «many of which we have already begun to implement.» The committee, headed by Francisco Rueda, coordinates citizen participation within the old quarter and is comprised of highly regarded professionals and city enthusiasts, such as Jesus Carrobles, Virginia Cavia, Jesus Corroto, Luis Enrique Espinoza, Nuria Fernandez Pacheco, Alicia Martínez, Isabel Ralero, Marta Romero, and Eduardo Sanchez Butragueño.

Tolón stated that she believes the future of the historical center depends on prioritizing its function as a residential neighborhood. Therefore, the municipal government will use the document of 25 proposals as a roadmap for future development. The proposals focus on population retention, housing access and habitability, mobility, green spaces, tourism, and economic activity and culture’s role in the area.

The announcement was made by the city council in a press release and is seen as a positive step forward in the ongoing efforts to revitalize Toledo’s historical center.



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