domingo, 23 junio 2024

La asistencia de Page y Lambán al Comité Federal se ve afectada por los cambios en las listas del PSOE.

According to sources within the Socialist party, Javier Lambán, current president of Aragon, and Emiliano García-Page, president of Castilla-La Mancha, will not attend the PSOE Federal Committee meeting on Saturday. During the meeting, the party will approve its lists for Congress and Senate for the upcoming general election on July 23, as well as its electoral program. The absences come after the Federal List Commission attempted to replace the head of the list for Congress in Toledo, Sergio Gutiérrez, with Milagros Tolón, acting mayor of the capital of Castilla-La Mancha. García-Page managed to keep Gutiérrez as number one on the list, but warned that the meeting would not be peaceful and has now declined to attend. Similarly, there were disagreements with Javier Lambán regarding the list for Zaragoza, but ultimately, the Commission modified it to include Pilar Alegría as number one on the list. This has led to resignations from members of the list for these two provinces, and Lambán will also not attend the meeting. Another change that has caused a backlash is the modification of the head of the list for the candidacy of Ávila, leading to the resignation of the rest of the list for this province.



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