jueves, 13 junio 2024

I Congreso Internacional de Patrimonio de la Obra Pública y la Ingeniería Civil: Enfoque en Toledo, Cuenca y Madrid

Toledo, Cuenca, and Madrid: epicenter of the I International Congress on Heritage of Public Works and Civil Engineering

Three important Spanish cities, Toledo, Cuenca, and Madrid, are ready to host the I International Congress on Heritage of Public Works and Civil Engineering from September 26th to 29th. This summit, organized by the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos (College of Civil Engineers), will bring together more than 500 attendees, including renowned experts from different fields related to public works and civil engineering.

This congress, which has a clear international vocation, aims to be a meeting point for professionals in engineering, heritage conservation, education, and other related sectors. Among its objectives, the identification, valorization, and conservation of heritage in the field of public works stand out.

Castilla-La Mancha: cradle of heritage

The choice of two cities in Castilla-La Mancha as the venue is not a coincidence. Cuenca and Toledo, recognized as World Heritage Cities, are the perfect setting for an event of this nature. This region, rich in history, is also home to significant public works that have marked a milestone in Spanish engineering.

Congress Program

The opening ceremony will take place in Cuenca on September 26th. Here, a catalog will be presented that identifies more than 100 works and infrastructures that, in addition to requiring different types of interventions, have significant tourist potential. The event will be attended by prominent public and academic figures.

Toledo, on the other hand, will host the main activities of the congress on September 27th and 28th at the Fábrica de Armas university campus. During these days, various topics will be addressed, from the characterization of public works heritage to demographic challenges. Round tables with mayors of heritage cities and sessions led by relevant personalities from the sector stand out.

Madrid will be responsible for closing this meeting with a focus on innovation and emerging technologies. In addition, the program will be enriched with guided tours of emblematic works in the three host cities, as well as three free exhibitions dedicated to engineering.

With the realization of this congress, the aim is not only to highlight the importance of heritage in public works and civil engineering but also to promote collaboration and the exchange of knowledge among professionals from different areas and countries. Undoubtedly, an event that will mark a before and after in the relationship between heritage and engineering.



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