lunes, 20 mayo 2024

Esther Ruiz y Micaela Gómez son galardonadas con el XIX Premio de Narrativa Femenina ‘Princesa Galiana’ en Toledo.

Gilda Jaén, the pseudonym of Esther Ruiz Gallego and Micaela Gómez Colón, has won the first prize of the XIX Women’s Narrative Contest «Princess Galiana» organized by the City Council of Toledo. Milagros Tolón, mayor of Toledo, presented the award at the Chapter House of the City Council and highlighted the freshness and contemporaneity of the winning novel, entitled «Women who Laugh (at Everything)».

Tolón stressed the importance of the award in showcasing female talent in the literary field, as well as promoting equal opportunities and treatment. From her point of view, the «Princess Galiana» contest contributes to providing a feminine vision of literary creation, which is essential in order to show the wide range of feelings, emotions, longings and aspirations that can appear in a literary work.

The authors, for their part, pointed out that the creation of «Women who Laugh (at Everything)» has been an exciting adventure, full of enthusiasm and effort. They also highlighted the fact that the novel is full of experiences and emotions, and thus invited its reading without prejudices or labels.

Moreover, Gilda Jaén emphasized the importance of the women who «preceded us in time and who for centuries had to sign under a male pseudonym,» surrounded by all sorts of constraints. From now on, the authors hope that the novel will give great moments of emotion and laughter to its readers, capturing the feelings and experiences of the protagonists in any heart.

The XIX Women’s Narrative Contest «Princess Galiana» is among the latest activities programmed by the City Council and the Local Women’s Council in the FEM 23 Festival, aimed at commemorating International Women’s Day, and which will take place throughout the week. The complete program can be found at



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