Campus de Jóvenes Cooperativistas VII tendrá lugar en junio en Toledo.

The Youth Cooperative Summer Camp, organized by Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Castilla-La Mancha, will be held for the seventh time in Toledo from June 21 to 23. The event’s main objective is to encourage young people to join the agri-food sector and promote generational renewal. To prepare for the program of activities, the Commission of Youth of the cooperatives met and aims to recognize the contribution of young people, stimulate their access to the agro-food sector, and prevent depopulation. The three-day activity-packed event will include classroom sessions, technical visits, recreational activities, and an exchange of experiences for 50 young people.

According to Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Castilla-La Mancha, the region’s cooperative members are predominantly aged between 36 and 45 years old, with only 1% under 25 years old, highlighting the need for generational renewal. The organization recognizes the critical role rural development plays in the region’s future, given its agricultural orientation.

The Commission also reviewed the Cultiva 2022 program aimed at supporting young farmers in their first five years of activity. Four of the ten model farms across Spain included in the national register are managed by young people from the Commission, reflecting their commitment to supporting youth in the agri-food sector.

Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias Castilla-La Mancha is planning to hold other events, including the IV National Youth Meeting, coinciding with the COGEA Business Forum in Tarragona on November 9-10, to support young rural people. The proposed activities include visits to innovative farms in the region, where alternate crops such as truffles, aromatic plants, and beekeeping are being grown. The Commission also discussed their projects and plans for next year, including the Rural Development and Demographic Challenge Working Group.

Toledo will be hosting the seventh edition of the Youth Cooperative Summer Camp, and the event is expected to be a success with its activities promoting generational renewal in the agri-food sector.

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