domingo, 16 junio 2024

Montero insta a Yolanda a concretar el acuerdo con Sumar: «Es su responsabilidad»

Irene Montero, the Vice President of Podemos and member of the Ministry of Equality, has stated today that the agreement between her party and Sumar for the upcoming general elections should have been concluded earlier. Regarding this matter, Montero has affirmed that «we believe in the agreement, but right now that is in Yolanda’s hands».

Before participating in an event held in Toledo, the Vice President has expressed that, however, the essential thing at present is to dedicate time to carrying out electoral campaigns so that Podemos can enter strongly into the autonomous and municipal governments on May 28. «This is the most important thing at the moment, since it will allow transformative policies to be carried out. There is no other political force that has the courage to assume the political cost of defending what everyone considers impossible», Irene Montero concluded.

The article «Montero opina que el acuerdo con Sumar debería haberse concretado ya: «La pelota está en el tejado de Yolanda» was first published in Diario de Castilla-la Mancha.



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