viernes, 24 mayo 2024

CCOO y UGT CLM reclaman el derecho a denunciar directamente ante la Fiscalía los accidentes laborales para reducir los peligros en el trabajo.

The CCOO and UGT unions in Castilla-La Mancha have requested the establishment of a direct reporting protocol to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, allowing them to report cases of work-related accidents and hazardous situations directly. This request was made during a meeting of the Regional Commission for the Development and Monitoring of the Collaboration Agreement between the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Castilla-La Mancha and CCOO and UGT, to address the high number of work-related accidents in the region.

The proposed protocol will allow unions to report cases of work-related accidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities, as well as cases of hazardous situations posing a severe danger due to preventive measures violations, directly to the Prosecutor’s Office. The unions express concern about the alarming work-related accidents statistics in the region, reporting a total of 31,119 work-related accidents last year, with a total of 37 fatalities.

The main focus of the collaboration between the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the unions is to reduce high work-related accidents in Castilla-La Mancha and to ratify and promote the existing collaboration agreement signed in 2007. The Lieutenant Prosecutor of Castilla-La Mancha presented statistics relating to the causes of work-related fatalities and injuries in 2022, the proceedings underway, and the judgments issued.

The protocol will empower unions to report to the Prosecutor’s Office directly and expand the activities outlined in the agreement. The unions emphasized the need to establish the protocol to ensure safe and healthy workplaces, raising awareness among companies to prevent occupational hazards. The Public Prosecutor’s Office and unions aim to enhance collaboration to reduce high work-related accidents in Castilla-La Mancha.



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