Txema Fernández encabezará la candidatura de Unidas-IU-Podemos en Toledo con el objetivo de lograr la mayoría absoluta.

Txema Fernández, the current spokesperson for the coalition of IU-Podemos in the City Council of Toledo and the local coordinator of United Left, will lead the candidacy of the joint coalition named Unidas-IU-Podemos in the upcoming May municipal elections. The coalition aims to achieve an absolute majority in the Corporation by securing 13 seats. The primary focus of the program will be on placing citizens’ lives at the center. During the presentation of the agreement, the candidate emphasized the priority for social policies with the city’s residents at the core of the agenda, including public services, housing, and youth. Irene Arcalá, second in the coalition’s list, also highlighted the coalition’s commitment to feminism, equality, and youth policies.

José Manuel Mariscal, a member of the coalition and responsible for the agreement framework with IU, indicated that they reached out to Más País; however, the latter declined the invitation to join the coalition. The program outlined the development and fulfillment of policies laid out in their electoral platform. The coalition aims to use consensus as the primary route for decision-making processes such as strategic planning and council meetings, with the tiebreaker vote dependent on the position held by the person within the group. The coalition believes that ideological harmony would be the driving force, and all decisions regarding the candidature must happen democratically with a joint presentation of policies for approval.

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