domingo, 21 julio 2024

Soliss y Solimat reciben reconocimiento de la alcaldesa en su 90 aniversario por su compromiso con la sociedad de Toledo.

Soliss and Solimat insurance companies have inaugurated the commemorative actions of their 90th anniversary in an event held at the Cigarral ‘El Ángel’, managed by Solimat. The Mayor of Toledo, Milagros Tolón, congratulated both companies for their example of business and financial management, as well as for their contribution to the progress and economic and social development of the city and the region. Tolón highlighted the work of the Soliss Foundation, created in 2015 to help Toledo society in the cultural and social field, sponsoring sports competitions and programs such as the Summer Cinema. In addition, she recalled the sculpture prize ‘Julio Pascual’, aimed at recognizing illustrious figures of the city, such as Padilla or Federico Martín Bahamontes. The executives of both companies presented a gift as a souvenir of the event to the mayor and other authorities present, including the president of the Province of Toledo and the president of Castilla-La Mancha.



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