martes, 23 julio 2024

Planta de biogás en Gálvez (Toledo) producirá energía para alimentar a 20.000 hogares anualmente.

Green Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Nortegas Group, and Ibenergi Group have announced plans to launch one of the largest biogas plants in Gálvez (Toledo), both nationally and internationally. With a capacity to produce 100GWh per year of biomethane to the natural gas grid, the plant will handle 350,000 tonnes of waste annually, which is equivalent to the average annual natural gas consumption of 20,000 houses, all through clean, renewable energy with 85% less CO2 emissions. The project, presented in Toledo, was attended by Commercial and New Business Director of Nortegas, Izaskun Gorostiaga, and Ibenergi CEO, Carlos Sánchez. The plant will span roughly 70,000 m2 and will be used for the production and upgrading of biogas from organic waste guaranteed by photovoltaic solar installation for self-consumption. The construction of the plant will begin in late 2023 and will create up to 50 new jobs, both direct and indirect. One of the main pig farms in Castilla-La Mancha contributes to the circular economy because it will reuse any waste after generating energy as fertilizer, minimizing final waste.



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