lunes, 22 julio 2024

La XXIX Gala del Deporte de la capital celebra a los deportistas premiados por la Diputación con felicitaciones del Ayuntamiento.

At the 29th edition of the Provincial Sports Gala hosted by the Diputación de Toledo, Isabel Fernández, a parakarate champion from the capital, was presented with the Diputación de Toledo award. The event was held at the Congress Palace auditorium in the city, and the ceremony was attended by the municipal councillor for sport, Pablo García. He personally congratulated Isabel and other athletes from the city who received recognition for their achievements in different disciplines throughout the night.

Mr. García highlighted the significance of awards such as these, which are organised by the council, because they acknowledge the efforts and hard work of Toledo’s athletes. These accolades also motivate them to compete and strive for success, representing the city in a positive light in important national and international competitions.

The article entitled, «La Diputación premia a los deportistas de la capital y el Ayuntamiento les felicita en su XXIX Gala del Deporte» was first published in Diario de Castilla-la Mancha.



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