viernes, 19 julio 2024

«Israel Fernández, el cantaor de Corral de Almaguer (Toledo), denuncia la discriminación que aún enfrenta la comunidad gitana»

Israel Fernandez, the Flamenco artist from Corral de Almaguer, Toledo, is set to release his latest album, «Pura Sangre,» on May 26. The musician spoke out against racism in sports, highlighting that the Gypsy community has experienced it firsthand. Fernandez believes that the world needs to be firmly against racism, declaring «to the death» as he has personally experienced it. Though adding that racism has always existed and can be seen through the way people look at others, he clarified that there is no need to be extreme and that if a bad word is used in a «good sense,» then it should be taken as such.

Fernandez’s new album reflects his views on injustices in the world, nature, silence, and love, and is based on his personal experiences as a Gypsy. The musician suggests that some aspects of Gypsy culture need to be altered in line with the changing society, but the good aspects should be retained, including respect for elders, even if they are not relatives. He has received criticism from the Gypsy community but is not phased by it, believing that Flamenco is not exclusive to Andalucia but belongs to anyone passionate about it.

Fernandez has been active in the Flamenco genre for several years and has become a household name worldwide. Despite his concerts’ high ticket prices, the artist believes that everyone should have access to culture and suggests giving free tickets to those who cannot afford them. Over the summer, Fernandez will perform at various venues throughout Spain, including the Teatro Cervantes in Malaga and the Concert Music in Chiclana (Cadiz). Though some have dubbed him the «Camarón of our time,» Fernandez does not believe that he is comparable to the legendary Flamenco singer but rather has his own unique voice and style.



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