lunes, 22 julio 2024

García Élez garantiza que la llegada de empresas de alta tecnología a Talavera no se verá comprometida.

Tita Garcia Élez, the PSOE candidate for mayor of Talavera de la Reina, is advocating for the attraction of high-tech companies to the city in order to transform it into a technological development hub. She believes that adopting this model will positively impact the economy and employment, while also making technology accessible to all citizens. Garcia Élez emphasized the importance of investing in this model and urged the public to trust her candidacy for four more years of leadership in the Talavera Municipal Government. She highlighted the recent confirmation of Hiberus, a technological consulting firm, offering 30 new job positions and reaffirmed her commitment to this strategy. Additionally, she celebrated the progress of the refurbishment of the former El Prado School, now known as the High Technology Hub, which will house ten projects related to the primary sector.

In response to recent criticisms about fire safety at Ferias de San Isidro, José Julián Gregorio of the Partido Popular criticized the lack of a fire department inside the compound. Garcia Élez explained that the absence was based on a technical criterion that aimed to improve the emergency response both inside and outside the fairgrounds. She also noted that the fire department was less than a two-minute walk away from the fairgrounds and that the city’s collaboration with the Provincial Consortium for Fire Extinguishing and Rescue of Toledo improves safety and provides more staff in case of emergencies.

Overall, Garcia Élez is determined to attract high-tech companies to Talavera de la Reina and transform it into a technological development hub. She believes that this strategy will have a positive impact on the economy, employment, and accessibility of technology for all citizens.



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