lunes, 22 julio 2024

Cañizares (Vox) propone la mejora de la seguridad y la cohesión entre los barrios como prioridades en Toledo en caso de alcanzar el gobierno.

Inés Cañizares, Vox’s candidate for the mayoralty of Toledo, has presented some of the measures she would implement if elected. Among her priorities is the reversal of the increase in crime in the city, the unification of dispersed neighborhoods, and the promotion of housing in the Historic Center through public-private collaboration. Cañizares ensures that she has positive prospects in the elections and that her speech has already gained success in the city because they propose things that are «common sense.»

The Vox candidate indicates that her candidacy does not seek to transform the city but to improve it to make it more habitable for residents. She emphasizes the need to end the dispersion between neighborhoods and criticizes the decision to move the Guardia Civil Barracks to Peraleda, stating that the initiative represents an unjustifiable expense in an already protected area.

In her Government proposal, Cañizares also advocates for the reversal of the growing crime in the city and ensures that there is a security problem in Palomarejos and the Polígono neighborhood. Additionally, she emphasizes the need to improve lighting and cleanliness in the city to ensure the safety of its inhabitants.

The Vox candidate also considers it essential to promote urban transport in different districts and locate the interchanger away from Zocodover to reduce the use of private vehicles. Furthermore, she criticizes the inaction of the current government team on issues such as the situation of the Tajo and Vega Baja.

Regarding her willingness to participate in government pacts, Cañizares ensures that she is willing to speak with the PP always and rules out any possibility of agreeing with the PSOE. She asks the PP to be sincere with its voters and tell them which political forces they intend to ally with if needed to govern.

Finally, Cañizares defends the choice of her party’s team to lead the candidacy and criticizes the accusations of personalism made by the regional government. She affirms that everyone is essential but nobody is indispensable and supports David Moreno as an excellent candidate to lead the work.

The article «Improvement of Security and Cohesion among Neighborhoods, Priorities of Cañizares (Vox) in Toledo if They Achieve Government» was first published in «Diario de Castilla-la Mancha.»



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